Oyoon Arabic Font
خط عيوون العربي

Typeface: Oyoon Arabic Font
Weights: Regular
Languages: Arabic, Farsi & Latin

الخط: خط عيوون العربي
الأوزان: متوفر وزن واحد
اللغات: عربي، فارسي، لاتيني

Starting at EUR 110

Oyoon (which means “eyes” in Arabic) is a display Arabic and Latin typeface that experiments with two common elements in Arabic visual culture The eye symbol as well as geometric patterns. How can these be translated into a font concept?
Current type design softwares allow the use of components that can be repeated in order to create each of the letters.
This typeface uses an eye shaped component that is used as dots but that is also repeated to create strokes. The overlapping of the eyes gives a unique visual aspect and can be reminiscent of islamic ornaments. It is a display typeface with a strong experimental and contemporary spirit that can be ideal for usage in large titles of exhibitions, posters, or publications, or as a key element in integrated typographic visual identities and branding.