MishMish Texture font
خط مشمش تكستشر

Typeface: MishMish Texture font
Weights: Regular
Languages: Arabic & Farsi

الخط: خط مشمش تكستشر
الأوزان: عادي
اللغات: عربي؛ فارسي

Starting at EUR 90

Mishmish texture is a display special version of our popular Arabic Mishmish typeface. Originally available in two styles, Regular and Poster, this new style is designed with a rough grainy texture filling the letter forms, giving it a retro style and a rich graphic flavor. MishMish is an Arabic typeface that came to life through a series of explorations with the traditional ruq’ah Arabic calligraphic style. The design is based on the widely used traditional calligraphic style, yet is simplified without cascading and with a wide range of ligatures that add to the overall character of the font.

The texture version of Mishmish font makes it ideal for usage in publications, branding projects, packaging design, motion graphics, or any project that requires a similar typographic texture appearance.

خط عربي ولاتيني ذو طابع غرافيكي، مبني على فكرة خطين تمتزج ببعضها البعض لتكوين شكل الحروف. خط مميز ويصلح للاستعمال في العناوين الكبيرة أو في نطاقات غرافيكية مُتعددة.