Gnoon Arabic Font
خط جنون العربي

Typeface: Gnoon Font
Weights: Regular
Languages: Arabic, Latin, Farsi
Abdelrahman Farahat (Arabic)
Tarek Atrissi Design (Latin)

الخط: جنون
الأوزان: عادي
اللغات: العربية، اللاتينية، فارسي
عبد الرحمن فرحات (العربي)
طارق عتريسي للتصميم (اللاتيني)

Starting at EUR 110

Gnoon typeface is an Arabic and Latin display font that was inspired by the title lettering of the 1975 Egyptian movie, Gnoon Al Shabab. The Arabic lettering movie title, used as a main visual element in the movie poster, is characterized by a very thick horizontal baseline and an overall unique personality that inspired the creation of a font that can widen the existing palette of display Arabic typefaces. The Arabic font was created first; and a Latin typeface was designed to match the design characteristics of the Arabic design. It is characterized by a reversed contrast style, with a handcrafted touch. The high contract of the font captures attention at larger sizes and makes is ideal for usage in all bilingual contexts requiring a display font with a strong character, such as editorial design; magazine design; logo design; exhibition titles; poster design; digital media or TV graphics; or in the context of branding.

The Arabic typeface was designed by Egyptian designer Abdelrahman Farahat, who conceptualized the typeface idea. The Latin matching font was designed by the team of Tarek Atrissi Design. The font is exclusively published on

The typeface was developed as part of a grant awarded to Tarek Atrissi Design NL, in partnership with Al-Qalam foundation in Cairo, by the Creative Industries Fund NL: the national and government-supported cultural fund for design, architecture and digital culture In the Netherlands. Tarek Atrissi Design curated the overall project by conducting a series of educational and research-oriented workshops, and supporting 5 Egyptian designers to get the creative, technical, and financial support needed to bring their design concepts to life and producing an Arabic typeface professionally produced and ready for publishing. Gnoon typeface is the third typeface to be published out of this series, after the typeface Modern Belya and the typeface Reeshet Khodeir.