Jeem Children TV Font
خط قناة جيم للأطفال
This is a custom font created exclusively for a specific client and is not available for licensing or purchase. However, if you are interested in creating or obtaining a typeface that is similar in style or characteristics, contact us so we can discuss with your the possibilities. Visit our Retail Fonts section to view our available fonts for purchase.

Jeem Television is the leading Arab children’s television channel, operating under Al-Jazeera Media Network, the largest news network in the Arab world based in Qatar.

Previously known as JCC (Aljazeera children network), the TV channel fully rebranded in 2013 to appear with a new look that reflects its new goals and strategy (read about the branding project in our branding page). We at were commissioned to design a custom bilingual Arabic and Latin typeface to be used exclusively by the channel.

The font family consisted of three weights and became the typographic voice of the channel. It was designed so that it specifically appeals to the young target group of the channel. At the same time, clear legibility on screen was a key consideration for the design; as well as having the Arabic font simple and easy to read by children below the age of 14.

Both the Latin and Arabic font shared common design characteristics and were design to work well together and be part of one family. The Arabic and Latin scripts shared a similar typographic rhythm, texture and color.