iThra Cultural Centre Font
خط مركز إثراء الثقافي
This is a custom font created exclusively for a specific client and is not available for licensing or purchase. However, if you are interested in creating or obtaining a typeface that is similar in style or characteristics, contact us so we can discuss with your the possibilities. Visit our Retail Fonts section to view our available fonts for purchase.

This custom typeface was created for iThra: the King abdulaziz centre for world culture in Saudi Arabia. Scheduled to open in 2016, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture will be a stunning, modern building of interconnected spaces for exploration, learning, entertainment and research.

iThra, one of the most creative new brands introduced in 2015 in Saudi Arabia, is an example of what innovative brands are adopting in terms of typographic marketing and branding strategies. iThra is a dynamic and state-of-the-art institution that inspires a passion for learning, creativity, volunteerism and cross-cultural engagement. It is adopting the role of the first large museum of modern art in the country. iThra adopted a custom Arabic typeface designed and developed by The typeface aimed to define the typographic language of iThra as warm, clear and welcoming- uniting culture. It can be described as Fluid; Inviting; and Harmonious. iThra Arabic is a specially created font that combines the heritage of Arabic geometry and calligraphy with contemporary, elegant lines. It has been designed to work in harmony with the fluid curves of the iThra logo-symbol.