Arabic Modern Font
خط العربي المعاصر
This is a custom font created exclusively for a specific client and is not available for licensing or purchase. However, if you are interested in creating or obtaining a typeface that is similar in style or characteristics, contact us so we can discuss with your the possibilities. Visit our Retail Fonts section to view our available fonts for purchase.

Arabic Modern font family was initially one of our most selling retail fonts. One of our clients felt in love with it and acquired it as an exclusive typeface for worldwide usage. Ever since it is no longer available for retail licensing and it moved to our bespoke type design portfolio.

Arabic Modern Typeface was designed in 4 weights (Light, Book, Bold and Extra Bold), giving the user a wide range of weight possibilities to choose from. It was designed to be a multipurpose font with a fresh look and to provide the market with a modern Arabic font design that is elegant and legible. It is an Arabic font that is easy to match with many Latin sans serif fonts with a similar forward looking style. The font is ideal for usage in corporate identities and in various graphic design contexts; as well as in headlines and in editorial design.

الخط العربي المعاصر هو فونت عربي طباعي يتألف من أربعة أوزان: لايت، عادي، بولد و اكسترا بولد مما يعطي خيار واسع في طريقة استعماله. تم تصميمه ليكون بحلة عصرية تتميز بجمالية الشكل وسهولة القراءة. يسهل استعمال هذا الخط العربي مع الخطوط اللاتينية ال sans serif. الخط العربي المعاصر مناسب للاستعمال في الهويات البصرية وكل التصاميم الغرافيكية خصوصاً العناوين او في المطبوعات المختلفة.

في عام ٢٠١٧ تم شراء هذا الخط من احد عملائنا في قطر، ليكون خط حصري وخاص في هويتهم البصرية.